Pilgrimage in Holy sites around Kathmandu

For the guest who are interested to do a pilgrimage around the Kathmandu vally we can arrange the pilgrimage tour as per your wishes.

Pilgrimage sites around Kathmandu.

  • Swoyambhu Stupa
  • Boudha Stupa
  • Tilopa and Naropa cave in side Pashupati nath temple.
  • Mahakala Temple
  • Guru Rinpoche cave, Tara place and Bajra Yogini place in Pharping
  • Namo Buddha
  • Marpha Place in Swoyambhu
  • Milarepa place in Sankhu near Boudha
  • Bajra yogini temple
  • Lopon Tsechu Rinpoche Gompa

and other many places..

We organize also different kind of Pilgrimage Tour every year on the occassion of different event according to the Tibetan lunar calender, we normally organige the Pilgrimage tour to , Mount Kailash , Lumbini the birth place of Buddha , Medicine Buddha and Losar programme etc,

for more infortmation please contact Email: adler.adv.treks@gmail.com website : www.adleradventure.com